Founding of the United Arab Republic (union with Syria and Egypt)

Level: Country


Date of Vote 1971-09-01
Result yes
Yes calculation Based on valid votes (yes and no)
Total Electorate 511803
Total Voters 484231
Turnout Percent 94.61%
Informal ballots 365
Valid Ballots 483866
Yes Votes 477490
Yes percent 98.68%
No Votes 6376
No percent 1.32%
Linked Vote Status


Institutions Plebiscite, ad hoc
Theme Code Bfs 1 Foreign policy

Theme Code Bfs 2 International organisations

Theme Code Bfs 3 none

Sovereignty Referendum Yes


On 17 April 1971 the Presidents of Egypt, Syria and Libya decided to found the Federation of the United Arab Republic with the goal to repress the American, British and French influence in the Middle East and in North Africa and to conquest Palestine. The same day popular votes were held also in the other two states.