Accession to Switzerland

Level: State


Date of Vote 1919-05-11
Result yes
Yes calculation Based on valid votes (yes and no)
Turnout Percent Not known
Valid Ballots 59105
Yes Votes 47727
Yes percent 80.75%
No Votes 11378
No percent 19.25%
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Institutions Parliamentary plebiscite
Theme Code Bfs 1 State organisation

Theme Code Bfs 2 National identity

Theme Code Bfs 3 Territoral questions


Between November 1918 and February 1919 70% of the population signed a petition on the accession of Vorarlberg to Switzerland. The proposal was submitted to the Landtag on 1 March 1919. On 15 March the Landtag held a vote.

  • Ballot question:

'Do the citizens of Vorarlberg wish for the Landesrat to declare the intention of becoming part of the Swiss Confederation to the Swiss federal government and that it enter into negotiations with the federal government?'

The result was published in the Vorarlberger Tagblatt on 14 May 1919.  According to some figures 47,208 'yes' and 11,248 'no' votes were cast.

Austria was opposed, as were the Allies, as the accession would disturb the balance of power in central Europe. In Switzerland only catholic German-speaking circles were in favour; the liberals and both Italian and French-speaking Switzerland were opposed.