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All eyes on ECB after Greek 'No' vote

FRANKFURT — All eyes were on the European Central Bank on Monday following the resounding "No" in [Read More...]

Greece debt crisis: Finance Minister Varoufakis resigns

Greece's combative finance minister has resigned, hours after voters backed his call to reject [Read More...]

Poll: Do you think Delhi should be granted statehood?

Delhi chief minister Arvind Keriwal plans to conduct a referendum to decide if the national capital [Read More...]

The c2d is a department of the Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau (ZDA) and related to the Law School of the University of Zurich. The team, consisting of political scientists and legal scholars, is located in Aarau, Switzerland.

Centre for Research on Direct Democracy (c2d)

The c2d is an academic research center dedicated to the study of direct democratic institutions (referendum and initiative) around the world, their history, legal nature, functioning and political implications. It aims at running an international database, promoting interdisciplinary scientific research, organising conferences and providing services.